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Contract provision addresses installation of roof system over concrete deck12/27/2018
Contract provision addresses permission and release for roofing contractor to take and use photography of customer's private property11/29/2018
OSHA finalizes crane regulation11/29/2018
Contract provision states reroofing contractor not responsible for removing existing water and ice-dam protection membrane10/30/2018
Proposed changes to OSHA reporting regulation10/30/2018
Contract Provisions – Material Price Volatility (Members Only)10/24/2018
Contract provision addresses how to tie warranty effectiveness to payment for services09/26/2018
Legislation to address workforce shortages09/26/2018
Contract provision addresses inadequate drainage design08/28/2018
Career and technical education reform bill enacted into law08/28/2018
Contract provision obligating manufacturer and seller of equipment to roofing contractor to furnish equipment that is code-compliant07/31/2018
Career and technical education reform bill approved by Congress07/30/2018
Contract provision to provide roofing contractor with opportunity to appeal dispute resolution decision issued by "decision maker" designated by contract06/23/2018
OSHA issues memorandum outlining enforcement of silica standard06/23/2018
Mandatory Anti-discrimination in Employment Contract Provision for all Federally Funded Construction Contracts More Than $10,00005/25/2018
Tariffs imposed on imported steel and aluminum04/24/2018
Contract provision provides language to protect roofing contractors when working in excessively hot and humid weather conditions04/24/2018
Contract provision protects reroofing contractor from liability for inadequate drainage design 03/27/2018
Shortage of H-2B seasonal guest worker visas for 201803/27/2018
Contract provision protects a roofing contractor concerned about an owner's ability to pay for work02/26/2018

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