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OSHA sets new deadline for online reporting regulation12/22/2017
Contract provision addresses retainage reduction or elimination to correlate with general contractor’s contact terms12/22/2017
OSHA begins full enforcement of its silica regulation11/21/2017
Contract provision addresses safeguarding workers on roofs with operating electronic equipment11/21/2017
Contract provision addresses avoiding unintentional waiver and release of claims through acceptance of payment10/30/2017
Legal Workforce Act reintroduced in the House 09/29/2017
Judge strikes down Obama administration overtime rule09/29/2017
DHS begins issuing more H-2B visas for 201708/30/2017
Congress and the administration getting closer on tax reform08/30/2017
Contract provision addresses warranty effectiveness conditioned upon receipt of payment08/30/2017
Contract provision addresses fireproofing materials liability07/28/2017
Emergency work authorization language addresses work not included in scope of project06/27/2017
OSHA announces implementation of recordkeeping regulation will be delayed06/27/2017
Contract provision addresses waiver of consequential, special and punitive damages05/30/2017
OSHA delays silica regulation implementation 04/24/2017
Contract provision addresses a roofing contractor's liability on a fully adhered roof04/23/2017
NRCA opposes OSHA silica regulation implementation03/27/2017
Contract provision addresses roof deck conditions suitable for work03/24/2017
Contract provision addresses overtime payment for additional work when a subcontractor has not delayed a project02/23/2017
Contract provision addresses properly covering holes and openings in a roof deck01/24/2017

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