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Contract provision addresses properly covering holes and openings in a roof deck

Properly covering holes and openings in a roof deck:

Unprotected and inadequately secured covers over openings in a new roof deck or a deck under construction present potentially deadly hazards to roofing personnel and all others walking or working on the roof deck. The General Contractor will require all trades making openings in the deck to properly cover, secure and label all deck openings in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations at the time the opening is made. The General Contractor will hold harmless and indemnify roofing subcontractor for injuries, including fatalities, resulting from a failure by the General Contractor to see that all deck openings made by the General Contractor or other subcontractors are properly covered, secured and labeled. For openings made by other subcontractors, the General Contractor may assign to the roofing subcontractor the General Contractor's rights to obtain indemnification from the subcontractor who failed to properly cover, secure and label an opening made by that subcontractor.


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