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Contract provision addresses roof deck conditions suitable for work

Roofing contractors often are directed to proceed with roofing work when the roof deck is not yet ready or suitable for the roofing crew to commence work. There may be debris generated by other trades left on the roof deck, and there may be openings in the deck that are not properly covered, secured and labeled. A piece of plywood lying on a roof deck may be debris left by another contractor, or it could be an unsecured and unmarked cover over a dangerous roof opening, posing a safety risk to others. This contract provision requires the general contractor to provide the roofing contractor with a roof deck free and clear of any debris with openings that are properly covered, secured and labeled. With this provision in the roofing subcontractor’s contract, the roofing subcontractor is entitled to delay roofing work until such time as the deck is ready for roofing installation.

Roof deck safe and suitable for work: General Contractor shall provide roofing subcontractor with a roof deck that is free and clear of all debris, ready and suitable to receive roofing materials, and with any and all openings properly covered, secured and labeled in accordance with applicable OSHA standards prior to general contractor requesting roofing subcontractor to proceed with the loading of roofing materials and roofing installation.


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