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Contract provision addresses a roofing contractor's liability on a fully adhered roof

This contract provision is proposed for use when roof specifications call for a "fully adhered roof system" or roofing components to be fully adhered. Due to field conditions and normal industry tolerances, obtaining full adherence—meaning that all components will be 100 percent adhered—is not feasible. The roofing contractor should take steps to ensure the roofing materials are adequately adhered so the roof performs satisfactorily, but 100 percent adhesion should not be expected or required. The inclusion of the word "fully" before "adhered" to describe a roof system could be interpreted to require a degree of adhesion that is not practical. In lieu of or in addition to the above contract provision, roofing contractors could simply delete "fully" in contract documents.

Fully adhered roof liability: Roofing Contractor will adhere the roofing materials in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with industry standards. The roofing components will not be fully (i.e., 100 percent) adhered.


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