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Contract provision addresses working with roof consultants and observers

When pricing a job, some roofing contractors want to know whether there will be a full- or part-time roof inspector on the job monitoring the contractor's work. In addition to asking whether a roof monitor is going to be retained, a roofing contractor may want to include the mentioned provision in the contract so the roofing contractor knows the roof monitor's involvement before executing the roof construction contract.

When a roof monitor is retained, the roofing contractor should be advised of alleged deficiencies and concerns the roof monitor has when the alleged deficiency is observed so the concern can be addressed promptly. The provision is intended to trigger prompt communication to the roofing contractor and avoid the situation where the roof consultant's or monitor's concerns are not communicated to the roofing contractor until after substantial roofing work has been installed. This provision entitles the roofing contractor to receive daily reports as they are issued so the roofing contractor is aware of and can respond to concerns raised by the roof monitor as the work proceeds rather than learning of alleged deficiencies after the roof system is installed.

Working with Roof Consultants and Observers: If Owner, Architect, Construction Manager or Contractor intend to retain a consultant or observer to monitor or evaluate roofing contractor's work during construction, roofing contractor shall be advised prior to execution of the roofing contract. If the roof monitor has concerns regarding the execution or quality of the work being performed by roofing contractor, those concerns should be promptly communicated to roofing contractor so that all such concerns can be discussed and addressed in a timely manner. Roofing contractor shall be provided with copies of all daily, weekly or other reports issued by the roof consultant or monitor as they are prepared and issued.


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